• Introduction

    So i think first, it is important to explain what this blog talks about. I am Max, a french student, wich make an exchange in Yuan Ze University in Taipei in Taiwan for 5 months. and i will try to share my expérience and make you feel my feeling and my thoughts about Taiwan.

    For a lot of people, Taiwan is just a chinese city where a lot of electronic devices are made, cause the famous "made in Taiwan". But Taiwan is a country, more precise named Republic of China Taiwan, indépendant from the China (i will try to explain excatly how it works); And Taiwan is an island of 36 191 km2 and with 23 293 593 people. 



    I choose this color for my blog because the color of the taiwanese flag. And i named this blog T(hype)i for one reason, this city is cool and hype. And i will try to show you with this blog why ! Enjoy it  

    Taiwanese flag 

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